Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Jewelry Means

Ok I have not blogged in a week, I KNOW! I am disappointed in myself but It was a fabulously busy week and weekend. Personally I had my first Valentine's Day with Ryan and our 1 Year anniversary in just a couple days. It was wonderful. Which brings me to my post....

Jewelry can be so magical! For our six month anniversary Ryan gave me a necklace I had been staring at on Etsy for at least a year. A "I love you to the moon and back" charm covered in a little metal moon. Pictures in a another blog later.....I was so touched by it! I loved it becuase (listen up boys) he listened! I loved that he picked it out himself and knew I loved it and did. I loved what it said and the feeling behind it. But I also loved that it was jewelry. That is not supposed to sound materialistic, it is just that jewelry is very exciting for a woman to get jewelry from a man! I still wear this necklace basically every time I am not wearing something of my own. It goes with everything and I still love it as much as the day I got it!

I try to remember this feeling with each piece of jewelry I make. I know that someday it will give a woman that feeling. Whether she buys it for herself or gets it as a gift, jewelry makes women feel special. It makes us feel pretty, and loved, and beautiful. That is what I love about wearing and making it!

So want to know what Ryan got me for our 1 year? Tune in next time...

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