Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who is the person behind Skiperdee?

So who am I?
Well my name is Kathryn and I love being creative. I recently had a day where I just exploded crafts of all kinds all over my house becuase I needed that outlet. Without creativity I suffocate! I am 22 years old and I am a student at California State University Chico. I am studying Liberal Studies with minors in Special Education and Music. Everything I do is creative, there is no way a teacher can spend over 6 hours each day giving information in new ways and not be creative. I am graduating this spring and then starting a program to get both multiple subject, and special education teaching credentials.

I have a beautiful life all the way around. I have an amazing boyfriend, Ryan. He is a creative type as well, piano player and sings in the choir I am in as well. He is super supportive of Skiperdee which is very helpful! Especially when I need a sounding board or someone to help lug beads around :). I also have a wonderful family. The picture on the right is my brother-in-law, my sister, mom, dad, and me! My mom is actually the closest thing I have to a business partner. She has helped with every show I have done: including working all day long as well as setting up and tearing down the displays. She also scouts thrift stores and estate sales for vintage beads for me!

As I said before one of my hobbies is singing in choir (15 years and counting). I also love working with kids, make sense as I am training to teach. For now though I get out that crazy teacher energy working at summer day camps, currently at the Zoo! And yes, that does include getting to feed the giraffes now and then!

So how did I get started in jewelry? All Girls Catholic High School! In a 3-D art class we learned hewelry making. We learned the wire linking technique by making something repetetive: a rosary. A Catholic Rosary is the same pattern repeated over and over with a change at the end: a perfect way to learn repetitive linking and see how you did after. My first few definitely did not line up correctly but now I have it down. From there I continued on my own. I began to day-dream of different jewelry designs. I dug through my Mom's craft closet and found supplies. Over time as I came up with definite designs, I bought supplies and tools and it all just took off! Today I am making one of a kind, beautiful pieces of jewelry!

Friday, January 29, 2010

My First Blog

We have a lot of firsts in our lives. Some are good and some are bad.
First day of school: hopefully good.
First word: mine was duck.
First Love: doesn't always work out.
First Website: mine was too expensive for a burgeoning business.
First email: mine still proudly proclaims from my 8th grade thoughts that I love gymnastics!
First Job: Camp Have-A-Lot-of-Fun, yes it is real!
And now my first blog, I should take a picture....

Obviously I am excited!

So why the blog you ask? Well its this whole etsy thing! I love it, and spend tons of time on it but I cannot seem to really make my mark! I am here to blog, and make some connections in the etsy community: buyers or other sellers! I make jewelry, hand beaded, with wire and beautiful shiny beads. I love beads! I dream beads. This blog will be my adventures in business, etsy, beads, jewelry making, crafts, and anything else I feel like writing. I believe thats how this all works anyways.
So please feel free to comment, share, give me tips or advice, or just shop my etsy store!

I hope this will be a fun adventure, and I thank you for traveloing it with me, whoever you are out there....probably no one yet, but I will get the numbers up!

For now I leave you with this, my favorite etsy picture at the moment, of a beautiful and fun bracelet listed in my store:
Skiperdee Jewelry, signing off....