Friday, January 29, 2010

My First Blog

We have a lot of firsts in our lives. Some are good and some are bad.
First day of school: hopefully good.
First word: mine was duck.
First Love: doesn't always work out.
First Website: mine was too expensive for a burgeoning business.
First email: mine still proudly proclaims from my 8th grade thoughts that I love gymnastics!
First Job: Camp Have-A-Lot-of-Fun, yes it is real!
And now my first blog, I should take a picture....

Obviously I am excited!

So why the blog you ask? Well its this whole etsy thing! I love it, and spend tons of time on it but I cannot seem to really make my mark! I am here to blog, and make some connections in the etsy community: buyers or other sellers! I make jewelry, hand beaded, with wire and beautiful shiny beads. I love beads! I dream beads. This blog will be my adventures in business, etsy, beads, jewelry making, crafts, and anything else I feel like writing. I believe thats how this all works anyways.
So please feel free to comment, share, give me tips or advice, or just shop my etsy store!

I hope this will be a fun adventure, and I thank you for traveloing it with me, whoever you are out there....probably no one yet, but I will get the numbers up!

For now I leave you with this, my favorite etsy picture at the moment, of a beautiful and fun bracelet listed in my store:
Skiperdee Jewelry, signing off....

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