Friday, February 5, 2010

Gives me that boost I need...

I just signed onto etsy and that wonderful little note, "you need to leave feedback for 2 items!" was waiting for me! I knew I had not spent any money which meant someone had spent money on something I made! It is always wonderful to think of someone browsing and falling in love with somehting I made with ym own two hands. What really made me smile however was that when I saw the name on the receipt I knew her! Not like my best friend buying my jewelry as she this is a girl I have not seen for years. We went to high school together and are friends on facebook. As we all know however, being friends on facebook means nothing about how often people talk! I have been trying so hard recently to get my blog going, post new items on facebook, get a Skiperdee facebook page going, yatta yatta yatta! I am happy with it all so far but I had no idea if anyone aside from my boyfriend, roommate and best friend had seen any of these things, and really looked. It is great to get a sale from someone that I know found my shop through those efforts: it's working! We can do this people. Small businesses I have found are extremely challenging, but a little thing like this can totally give me the boost I need to try even harder!

(By the way....6 out of 7 days in a row posting blogs....I would say that's pretty good!)

Hope all of you have as great of a day as I am having and plan to continue having!

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