Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coming Up Next....

So whats coming soon for Skiperdee?

New Styles! I have a few new styles prepared and also some in my head! It takes a long time, as I am sure any Etsian knows, to photograph, crop, and write up new items to be put online. As a shop where everything is one of a kind, it takes a long time for each and every item!

New, more pictures! I left my studio in Sacramento but am grabbing it this weekend! I know these blogs have been sparse. Upon moving back to school I could not transport everything in one shot and I want so much to write about my process, with pictures. So, once I get all my beads back up here and all my supplies I will hopefully be much more active in a positive and interesting way! But bear with me, as I am new, and a college student taking grad classes, it is a lot at once! I just love beads, and want to talk about it.

And if Skiperdee gets some fans in the mix.....fantastic!!!
A picture I love, finding it beautiful and inspirational....

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