Monday, February 8, 2010


We find inspiration in all kinds of places but this weekend I found it on a stage. I LOVE the musical RENT, I am not some teeny-bopper who likes it because it is like a rock concert. I totally agree with those who love it for that: the music is amazing! I am inspired by the story, the message, and the creator: Jonathan Larson. He had a vision and carried it out, after years and years of struggling. (And THRIVING in his role as the starving artist, loving it according to his friends). I truly connect to most everything he seems to write becuase of some of my beliefs, experiences, friends, family members, and passions.
So, on Saturday night I saw the 2nd to last show in the final (for now hopefully) RENT tour. This was my 5th time seeing it: On Broadway, On Broadway again 2 years later, on tour in Redding, CA 2 years later, On tour (as a wonderful Birthday surprise from the greatest friends in the world) in San Francisco California starring Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, and then this last time on tour in Sacramento with Anthony and Adam again. Seeing this show each time makes me just come alive, opening my eyes to parts which resonate even more each time. It also awakens my creative spirit. If you have never seen RENT it is a show filled with color and harmonies and dancing, while still being very minimalist and dark and deep at times. The set has only a few tables and chairs, a loft above the band, and a giant sculpture serving as a christmas tree. It is brought to life by the words and the notes, and those amazing people who interpret those music and lyrics.
Now this is a blog about Jewelry so I will get back on track....although ask anyone close to me I could write a book on RENT, my love for it, it's history and impact on me....anyways: JEWELRY!!! I sat in my seat all night wanting to create. Create music, create art, just create something beautiful with my talents. I think as artists we are inspired by many things but often by other artists, even if their medium is not the same as ours. I am excited to be back in my apartment armed with my beads, to create.

I love music and I love Broadway but I will make my creative mark on this world mark in beads.

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  1. I totally agree. Rent is so amazing and creative, and I still have melodies stuck in my head. The show is so inspiring for any artistic medium.