Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Charm City!

Charm city: my favorite bakery and subject of a great reality show but ALSO what I feel like my supplies look like right now. I love charms! I go crazy for them! Two of my newest necklaces in my store have charms on them:
This is a pendant I got at Michael's, and beads from U-Bead It in Sacramento. It is just a silver pendant that is a rounded-square pendant with a swirl stamped into it. I have always loved simple shapes like this swirl so I had thoughts racing through my head when I found it in the store. I have another one on a totally separate necklace. In both cases, I loved the pendant because it has so many opportunities! I just chose a color scheme, chose beads and put it all together.
This pendant was also from Michael's! It is one my Mom found on sale I believe! I love this pendant and am the first to say I did not make it! I know many people on Etsy make their own wire-wrapped items but I have not gotten there yet. This is a great way to use the beauty of wire-wrapping while still being high quality (since it is not an early attempt by me!).

The thing about using pendants in this way is that at times I feel others will think I am lacking creativity. The thing is I just find them so fun and interesting. In my little box of tricks I have animals, bugs, quotes, items, so many charms that are waiting to be set free. Hopefully buyers and jewelry lovers love charms just as much as me. Hopefully they will understand that I am still being creative in all of the choices going into the necklace, and that each piece is still made with all my love and care!

Short blog tonight, sorry folks it is late and I am waiting to hear a raccoon to make its nightly visit in my ceiling so I can call my landlord! Oh the joys of life....Happy etsy-ing!

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